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I was going through one of my old journals and came across this poem that I wrote a few months after my accident and I thought I would share. Seemed like a good post to end off June.

Hello love
my love
my one and only love.
We were us and all we knew
and all at once we were this and knew nothing.
A life we built together, in a moment, became the past
and now here we sit
building something new.

Yes, here we are.
Here we are together.
Re-evaluating and rebuilding.
Re-writing a story we had already written because life had other plans than what we had envisioned.
If only, if only, it could have been our decision.

But love
my love
my one and only love.
We sit here together
after all this,
And one thing I promise with complete certainty
is that with you is where I want to be
and your heart will always be safe with me
my love.

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